I went to exchange $50+ worth of boys clothes for a correct size. They were given to my son as a gift.

All tags even size stickers still attached. The girl (w no personality) says do you have a reciept? I said no, so she asks for my ID then a few seconds later she hands me a reciept and says your exchange was denied. Call this number.

I said why? She shruged and said it just said denied.

I called today to find out that I cannot exchange wo a reciept. And since i tried to even if I find the reciept i have to wait 6 mo!!!

6 MONTHS!!! Tags still available!! On the clothes!!! $50+ dollars of clothes useless!!!

Their sales person didnt indicate this was an issue!

The CS agent over the phone was very oh well not my problem kinda attitude. i have 4 KIDS and 18 neieces n nephews, My entire Family has said they will Not use The Childrens Place ever again!!!

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The denial is due to a system set up with multiple retailers who track frequent returners to detect theft. If you return at a bunch of retailers in addition to TCP, you will get denied and there is nothing the associate or the customer service associate (that you call) can do.

It's called a TRE system. Look it up.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #812564

Also...it was denied because all returns without a receipt at The Children's Place needs have an ID swiped through a THIRD PARTY SYSTEM. The ID is scanned because a lot of people purchase items and return them later just to get money..and a lot of people stole those items that were returned.

This is to ensure YOUR safety. And did you have an exact even exchange??? Or was it only an exchange with a few items and a return on the rest? Associates have no control over this issue of your return being denied.

They are only doing the right thing...following their store's policy. If you have a problem with this here...you might as well not shop anywhere.


It's funny how you didn't get your way so you attack the sales person which is typical. She does not own the company and does not make the policies and she is getting paid to follow the polcies and you attack her by saying she has no personality.

All stores have return policies posted for years now and all receipts have a polciy printed on the back of them, oh wait, you didn't have a receipt which is why the return polciy is posted in stores and stores also offer gift receipts as well.

It amazes me that every single store has some sort of a return policy for years and some people act like they never heard of such a thing.


Why did you feel it was important to add the detail that she had "no personality"? Your attitude shows right through.

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You need a receipt everywhere to return items, they offer gift receipts. It is their policy, and no you are not special.....if they bend the rule for you then they would have to bend the rule for everyone else and pretty soon their policy would be useless...

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