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I ordered something on October 3, 2019 and received a shipping notification with a tracking number listed which stated I would receive my order on the following Friday. After checking the shipping progress on that Friday I saw that the tracking now stated that the shipper had not received my order and could not give an estimated shipping date.

I called the customer service number to let them know that there was an issue with my order and that it most likely was not even sent out yet.

I was advised that there was nothing they could do until after the 10 business days had been reached.

I was asked to call back the next day, so I did and was told that they had missed counted and it hadn't been 10 days yet and to call back the next day. I called back the next day and they opened an investigation into the missing package and offered me a refund.

All I want is the stuff that I ordered so I asked them if they could just re-send it to me using 2 day shipping and they explained that they are not allowed to do that in Canada and that they have to follow policies.

How ridiculous is that that they are willing to lose customers over an issue that was brought to their attention a week ahead of time!

I advise anyone who has an issue with their online order to just cancel it and go buy it elsewhere.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

The Childrens Place Pros: Good merchandise.

The Childrens Place Cons: Lack of customer service.

  • Non-existent Tracking Number
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