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They said they were closed but online it says they close at 7pm and its 3:33pm right now !

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

The Childrens Place Cons: Never received my orders.

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i work at a children's place location, so i'm writing to inform you that some stores were indeed closed in august...our warehouses got too slammed with orders when covid hit so they brought us employees back to our stores to do sfs (ship from store) orders in order to help the warehouses....this is also why shipping times were so delayed during that time period. so while there were people there answering phones, they very well could have been closed at the store got a lot of calls like this when we were there and packing orders but not open to the public yet.

the company didn't change anything online, on the website or on google if you google's your store's hours, so even though it may have said that the store was open until 7pm, they probably were closed due to covid. i understand that this was written back in august but i hope this helps you understand more, it's not that we didn't want to help you it's just that our stores would've been shut down if we had let customers in during that time!!

have a good rest of your day/night! :)


I was trying to get my money back for a return I made online. They said they had sent me an email with $40 but I haven’t received it.

Since you work there do you know how I can track that $40 ? I paid with a gift card and they said they couldn’t reload it there so they would send me one on my email.

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