WOW - I am NEVER shopping at The Children's Place again! Unlike Old Navy or Bonnie Togs/Carter's, The Children's Place has the most horrible return policy out there.

I bought brand new navy blue uniform pants for son attending JK (back in May, online) when they had one of their first school uniform sales. I thought I was being a smart shopper and parent by getting them early before they're gone! But come last week (right before school starts), my son didn't fit into any of the 8 pairs I had bought (2 different sizes), and he also couldn't do up the button either. Now apparently after calling and visiting every Children's Place store in my area I am unable to return the pants - even with the tags on them AND the original shipping receipt.

WOW! I guess I am out $100+ and will NEVER shop there again, along with telling all of my family and friends not too either! Lastly, when I asked the store for the head office address so I can possibly address my issue, the associate said that she wasn't allowed to give out the head office address. Nor could I find it anywhere online.

That's odd!

Anyways, good luck to anyone out there who shops there and wants to return something! Diane

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario

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Lies! They absolutely will if you have the original receipt and tags are on.

We purchased (and received gifts) for my new baby.

Well she ended up being on the smaller side and won’t get to fit some of the items before summer is over. Now we’re just stuck with them.


This is not true. 45 days isn't "months".

the average store gives store credit after the return window of 30-60 days. this store's return policy is outside the norm. AND PLEASE DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

it's unnecessary. and dinosaur-ish


What is worse is a parent who does not even know what size her son wears. Or a parent who did not take her son shopping.


I had same issue, no gift receipt but just wanted to exchange for similar item. The tags were still on as well.

Not able to because they have a ridiculous return policy. I will never shop there again!


I had a similar experience. I was one day late in returning.

I saw they have 45 days return policy and went on what I thought was the 45th day. Apparently they start counting from the day of purchase. I had counted from the day after the purchase date.

Regardless, I was just one day late and they didn’t honor the return.

The store manager asked me to speak to customer service which was totally pointless and 20 mins wasted there.

Monetary loss: $50

I will never shop there again


I bought a pair of jeans for my son. When I got home I realized he had the exact pair already.

When I took them back to the store to exchange them for another color I was told I could only exchange for a different size?!? Does that make any sense?

I think I will find a different place to shop.


The only reason they would tell you that is because you didn't have the receipt


What if it was a gift and you do not have any type of receipt. Receipts can be misplaced.

You can only exchange item for a different size and has to be the same color. If they do not have same color, they can call another store. Most ridiculous return policy I have ever heard of.

Manager said it was recently changed to compete with other stores' return policies and I said no other store has this type of return policy. Not a nice way to treat their customers.


People steal so lots of Store will not take returns with out a receipt. Larger corporations can look up receipts purchased with a card, therefore they are often likely to take those returns.

There are too many times that people shoplift and will try and return items for cash or store credit. That’s why stores have gotten so strict about return policies. The few bad people ruin it for everyone. The staff just has to follow the rules set by the company.

I think personally they would love to help you out but their hands are tied. They have to feed and support themselves and families they need that job.

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