WOW - I am NEVER shopping at The Children's Place again! Unlike Old Navy or Bonnie Togs/Carter's, The Children's Place has the most horrible return policy out there.

I bought brand new navy blue uniform pants for son attending JK (back in May, online) when they had one of their first school uniform sales. I thought I was being a smart shopper and parent by getting them early before they're gone! But come last week (right before school starts), my son didn't fit into any of the 8 pairs I had bought (2 different sizes), and he also couldn't do up the button either. Now apparently after calling and visiting every Children's Place store in my area I am unable to return the pants - even with the tags on them AND the original shipping receipt.

WOW! I guess I am out $100+ and will NEVER shop there again, along with telling all of my family and friends not too either! Lastly, when I asked the store for the head office address so I can possibly address my issue, the associate said that she wasn't allowed to give out the head office address. Nor could I find it anywhere online.

That's odd!

Anyways, good luck to anyone out there who shops there and wants to return something! Diane

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario

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They hate when you return anything too.


I strongly agree


My son received jeans as his birthday present, he has plenty of jeans and wanted to exchange them for shorts. The tags and price where on them, but I didn’t get a receipt with the gift so I could only exchange them for another size of the exact same fit of jean and color. Theu will never get my business again, children outgrow clothes frequently and it’s imposible to keep up with every receipt.


No receipt, so is all they can do at any store.


Their return policy is ridiculous!! I had a horrible experience. Plus the manager had needs a lesson in dealing with the public.


I'm out of $204 because I tried to return clothing with the tags on it and the receipt after the 45 days I cut my credit card up and will NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN


Are you even old enough to have a credit card?


I will never shop at childrens place due to the strict return policy. Even without the receipt some stores will just give you the lowest price that item was at and give you a store credit.

FYI childrens place...majority of shoppers who get a store credit will end up paying more than what the store credit is worth. Or some forget about the store credit and end up not being used.


Someone wrote that their policy was recently change to compete with other stores. Are they trying to compete themselves out of business? This policy is harming them big time, whoever thought of this is an ***.


I called customer service and I was told the exchange policy was 45 days. It doesn’t say that on the receipt. Children’s Place better get their customer service together or they won’t have customers.


It does say 45 days on the receipt


the exact same thing happen to me


I HATE CHILDRENS PLACE!!!!!!!!! Customer service is horrible and return policy is worse!

I was told to "re-gift" or sell them at a garage sale! my brand new items with tags!

Are u kidding me!!! Will NEVER shop there again!


I have received Christmas gifts for my children but my daughter on wears Jeggings due to severe eczema. How rude of me to have to go back to the gifter and ask for a receipt!

The tags are still on the jeans, I just wanted to pay the difference and get a pair of jeggings and I can't. This is so ridiculous because they are losing money! If someone has already purchased the items as a gift, and the recipient wants to spend additional monies to get a better gift, this can only help their bottom line. I have shopped at The Children's place for the past 13 years and sadly, I will never shop there again.

Other stores give you 30-90 days with a receipt and an exchange credit of the lowest sale price without it.

I don't know of any other store with this ridiculous policy and I predict this won't help their bottom line at all. This holiday season will show them what a horrible mistake they have made by implementing such a horrible policy.


You may have shopped there for 13 years but you act younger than 13. You act 2.

One bad experience and no more shopping there. You were never a loyal customer.


The return policy for outlets is: We can only accept items from other outlets--NO RETAIL OR ONLINE PURCHASES-- (and visa-versa with retails). If your return is within 45 days, and if you have the card you used (if you used one) you will get exactly what you paid with the same method of payment.

After 45 days, you receive only what the current selling price of the item is and you'll receive it as a store credit. Without a receipt, you can only exchange the item for a different size and it must be the same color and style.

Often people think they can buy from an outlet/retail store and be able to return it anywhere... That's not the case.

We hardly carry the same items, so how would we be able to resell an item we don't even carry?

It's clearly listed in our return policy, which you can find online and in stores. You should have looked at the policy first.


This store will go out of business. It's their job to label clothes with appropriate locations, outlet vs regulator store.

I got some clothes for baby, tags on and everything. Wanted to exchange but don't have a receipt, it was gift so didn't want to ask for one. Thought I could exchange for something baby can actually use.

No such luck, I could only pick same item and color different size. I spend a lot of money on children's clothes, have never m shopped at children place and based on my recent experience never will, this place is a joke.


so what, there's such a thing as store credit after 45 days. it's unacceptable, and i for one will plan to avoid childrens place in the future - this after 13 years of loyalty. the heck with a store that treats people like this.


the heck with "should have". judging is not helpful.

nor is childrens place policy. you will file for chapter 11. maybe not in 2019. but it's going to happen.

and it will be well deserved. too bad as childrens place was a great resource for my kid from age 1 to 13. but your return policy and lack of humane approach to it, will put you on the junk bin of brick and mortar stores. you lost my loyalty and my compassion for your brand on January 19, 2019.

congratulations, i now despise your corporation, and January 18, 2019 i was a big fan. you deserve to go away, because your 45 day return policy doesn't allow for store credit on day 48. you thought it was worth it to lose me as a customer over 2 pair of pajamas with tags on and my presenting the receipt, worth $15. I hope the $15 was worth it to your company in lost loyalty.

you'll lose a lot more than $15 over your ridiculous return policy. good riddance to childrens place.



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