WOW - I am NEVER shopping at The Children's Place again! Unlike Old Navy or Bonnie Togs/Carter's, The Children's Place has the most horrible return policy out there.

I bought brand new navy blue uniform pants for son attending JK (back in May, online) when they had one of their first school uniform sales. I thought I was being a smart shopper and parent by getting them early before they're gone! But come last week (right before school starts), my son didn't fit into any of the 8 pairs I had bought (2 different sizes), and he also couldn't do up the button either. Now apparently after calling and visiting every Children's Place store in my area I am unable to return the pants - even with the tags on them AND the original shipping receipt.

WOW! I guess I am out $100+ and will NEVER shop there again, along with telling all of my family and friends not too either! Lastly, when I asked the store for the head office address so I can possibly address my issue, the associate said that she wasn't allowed to give out the head office address. Nor could I find it anywhere online.

That's odd!

Anyways, good luck to anyone out there who shops there and wants to return something! Diane

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario

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You obviously are not a loving parent if you do not know the size of your son's clothing.


They will be at 50-60% sale whole year like 1 day special sale event. They are losing their customers and one day will come when they have close their business due to continuous loss.


Children’s Place has the most mid-evil return policy and poor customer service. This policy is in NO WAY in agreement with other stores.

Carters is 60-90 days for return, then store credit...

Same for Target, Walmart, basically every other retail store that sells kids clothes. *** Childrens Place and their *** customer service.


2 months and I’m still waiting on my refund


I agree stupid policy they have


You have children and yet you are resulting to childish name calling? Not to mention you are have no right using the word stupid when your punctuation is poor.


I missed the return window by 1 day and they refused. I dumped all clothes there and said I will never shop with you again


What are you two. You MISSED the return day, does not matter if it is one day or one month.


The exact same thing happened to me. I had initially read 90 days to be able to return/exchange. I was simply asking for an exchange; Not even a full return!


The return window can't be unending. You held the purchase for what, 4 months? That's too long to expect to return items.


Wow, entitled shopping much? The rules are stated clearly, x many days after purchase.

What is so difficult to understand? The store has some rules of their own, you were given plenty of days to be able to come back and return the items. And yeah, you should’ve figured out on your own by now that kids grow quickly.

Put another way, would you be happy if your kid wouldn’t do their homework in his allotted time and came to you crying after the deadline, Mommy I need heeeelp! That is pretty much what you are doing.


Look, it's one thing not to give MONEY back but not to give store credit when the item can be resold? That's outside the ordinary.

Companies also can flag people who abuse their policies but for those of us who almost never return anything there, to be turned away at the 48th day mark (I'm used to 60 day return and more flexible store credit policies), when I've been a loyal customer since my 13 year old was a toddler? C'mon, this is how businesses lose loyal customers. Why would I shop at childrens place if they will treat me like someone who bought their first item there and not their 200th, because i dared return something unworn, with tags, and with receipt, a few days after 45 days (innocently, not knowing their idiosyncratic policy)? their loss really and a good reason why places like this keep going belly up.

loyalty matters. they lost mine in January 2019.


The point is that you missed the deadline date child. If you were a customer that long you would know the policy.


Terrible policy. They can always sell the merchandise as long as school uniforms are required. They don't always have the correct sizes at all times.


I see three children gave you a thumbs up. The sad thing is they are parents and yet they cannot follow simple rules. They are bad rule models for their parents.


Wow same thing just happen to me. All I wanted to do was exchange one pair of khaki uniform and they refused.


They also need to employee people that speak english


English begins with a capital letter. Sentences end with periods. Work on your own English first.


Same experience! Bought uniforms during the first uniform sales before school started also thinking i was being a smart shopper, my girl is just growing out of a size 8, so I bought her a few size 10 pairs sure that they would fit.

Come school time, the pants were so tight that she could barely tuck her shirt into them. I was so disappointed, she has other size 10 non uniform pants from here that fit just a tad loose and need a bit of adjusting of that inner string that makes them tighter,as they should, I'm not sure why these uniform pants were so tight. By the time we realized this, the 45 days to exchange had gone by already so we are stuck with pants that don't fit.

We will try to find another child that fits them or give them to good will. Very disappointing as I still had my receipt and tags were still on the pants, my mistake was not having her try them on sooner (which I didn't because they should have fit her fine just as the other pants from children's place do) will be shopping elsewhere for uniforms going forward.


Poor customer service Purchase $100 worth of clothes and couldn't able to return because 2 days passed their return policy. Also store have no other option for to exchange different sizes too because, they only allow return or exchange within the 45 days time period Very bad customer service from over seas.

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