I went in my local store as they were having a great sale on kids denim I want to say it was like 6.50 a pair or something like that. My experience in the store was great however the cashiers may want to pay attention to details!

This morning my son was getting ready for school. We took the stickers (size) off his jeans and he put them on. He sat down to eat breakfast and screamed bloody murder. I ran to see what was wrong and he had 2 tacks now embedded in his rear end.

The were the pin pieces from the alarms that are on the clothing. They were not visible as they were inside the back pockets. As you probably will agree this is not acceptable. As a parent we never want to see our children hurt especially over someone not removing things at check out.

I have worked retail and when taking alarms off one thing you are supposed to do is make sure you have both pieces! Needless to say after changing his clothes and finding him bleeding from their employees negligence I am not sure if I will continue to shop there

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Saugus, Massachusetts

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It could have easily not been the employees fault. Shoplifters will pop off sensors and then hide them in pockets of other items, and inside shoes.


If your son got poked he needs to get a tb shot and you need to contact the store and let them know what happened. It may not have been there fault since thats something they do when stealing. But you need to tell them about the incident.


Get over it, in another review (well same review another site)she admitted to putting thumb tacks in her so's jeans so that she can claim that they forgot the security tag and sue them. In other words she set out to harm her owns on so she can get money out of it.


Have you ever thought that it could be people who steal from stores that put them in there.. The sensors are never put in the back pocket but people who steal throw them in there. So it's not really the employees fault it's shoplifters fault


If they were in the back pocket it came out of theft. Shoplifters pop the tags and dispose of tags and pins into I've seen (shoes pockets under stacks on tables).

Especially if there were2 pins as only 1pin is needed to sucure a tag an unfortunate event surely. But the cashier wouldn't have in an and its the other side of the tag that triggers the alarm.


All of you bashing this person obviously does not have children.


Too dramatic... Ok 1 cashier messed up but not to shop again?? Plus you're just one customer out of a million ;) they won't care about you


Of course you have worked retail, and were perfect. I assume human beings work in that store, and I assume being they are human beings, they can occasionally make a mistake.

I'm sure your kid isn't going to die from this accident.

Kids get hurt 24/7, you never know when it will be your kid, and there are even times it can be due to something you have done. Nobody is perfect.


You know what happened? A shoplifter took the sensors off and hid them in the back pockets.

The cashier didn't look because that's not where companies put sensors. I work at another store and this happens sometimes.

That is unfortunate for your kid but please don't blame the cashier solely. It was a shoplifter being sneaky.

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