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My husband opened a children's place acct because we were buying clothes for grandkids we are raising. I already had a acct through them.

But if he opened one he would get 30% off immediately. Our order was $250. We applied the discount code but when we received the email it had not applied it to our order. I tried calling but they were closed.

I did speak to 2 different employees on 11-22. One tried to give me a coupon for my next order. Why would I need it?? I needed on this $250 order.

The next employee stated there's nothing they could do. I asked for a supervisor, he said they didn't have one. I asked for corporates number, he doesn't have it. They both hung up on me .

Today I spoke with an employee and a supervisor. They said they have no number to corporate and they couldn't help me. (Not to mention none of them speak any English)But I could drive to the nearest children's place store (which is 45 minutes away) and return the items. Really.

I have been a loyal card holder for over 15 years. This has been the worst experience ever.

I will be returning the items and canceling my card. I would rather pay more somewhere else than be treated this way .

User's recommendation: Don't buy from them online.

Location: Temple, Georgia

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i'm very sorry you had to deal with this! i know nothing about that store but i do work at a children's place store in a different state, and of course that's the wrong way to handle things.

if your husband got approved for the children's place rewards credit card then of course he should've received the 30% off your first purchase that comes with it! i've never heard of this issue since customers typically will apply for the card in stores vs. online, as far as my knowledge goes, for an issue like this you would have to go to a store simply because of the process we have to go through in order for you to get that discount. but anyways, how i was trained to do it (i've been with the company a little over a year at this point) was 1.

you start a refund for the customer, during this refund you put the amount back onto the my place rewards credit card (since you have to use it in the initial purchase) 2. re-ring up all of the items as you would a regular purchase, then apply the 30% discount as we would if he had applied for it in that trip it's a relatively quick and easy process, although it is possible for us to run into issues sometimes. the longest part of it typically is the re-ringing part of it since we either have to rescan everything or reenter all of the upc's from the receipt, as well as doing the card look-up if you don't have the place card on you at the time. like i said, i'm incredibly sorry that you had to deal with these rude people and i promise, not all children's places are this way!!

have a great rest of your day/night! :)

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